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well, golly gee ...

finn's bath

... he sure is cute, isn't he? I don't know what it is about bath time, but he always has his mouth open like this. Ever since the grandparents bought us this little tub, he's been the happiest of campers during bath time. Which is good, because his first bath with Daddy in the big people's tub was less than fun, for all parties involved. Oh well. The little guy might just be like his Mama - with an ever-so-slight distaste for large bodies of water.

It's all relative, I suppose - I think the big people's tub is just divine. Glass of red wine, bubbles and a good book? One of these days it will happen again. For now I'm sticking to the shower-like-there's-no-hot-water-speed-cleans. Because you never know when he will wake up and want to nurse!