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Here they are - a week's worth of sleepy nursing knitting. Poor baby has to model wool knitwear in summer-in-the-South humidity ... but hey, at least the air conditioning is on!

I used the free pattern from Never Not Knitting and the recommended yarn, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Yummy stuff. I have plenty left over for several more pairs, and this is such a relaxing, easy project that I won't hesitate to cast on another pair. I'm sure they will come in handy when the weather cools, especially since we'll be practicing elimination communication and will want to have easy access to whip the diaper off. A boy's gotta go when a boy's gotta go, no time for fiddling around with snaps and pants!


Many of you have asked about how EC is going. Here's a quick update:

We love it. After the first week or so it started to feel like second nature. At first, it feels like you spend an inordinate amount of time pottying. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that little babies pee quite frequently - sometimes even every ten minutes, depending on the time of day and if they just nursed, etc. As he's gotten a bit older, Finn's pees seem to have spread out in their frequency - coming about every 30 - 40 minutes or so. After nursing, though, they can still come every 10 minutes. Which is funny - because after nursing, he is so content that lately he's stopped signaling us in a consistent manner - he's too busy charming us with smiles and coos or looking at his beloved ceiling fan to let us know with the (till now) customary fuss. More and more, his signals are becoming so subtle that it's difficult to pick up on them - it could be anything from a slightly wrinkled brow to a leg stretch. In other words, we've been missing more pees in the past week, but Finn doesn't seem to mind (and I don't, either - I would prefer not interrupting his periods of delight and concentration with a trip to the potty.)

He does, however, love his potty. I should say ... he love to charm the dapper young baby in the mirror in front of the potty. Finn thinks this little guy is so hilarious. Plus, they have the same interests - drooling and blowing bubbles.

Number twos are rarely missed. I can't remember the last time he had a dirty diaper during the day, although about once or twice a week he dirties one (without waking up!) during the night. We aren't EC'ing at night, just changing wet diapers when necessary. We tried to potty a few times, but for now he seems to prefer not being disturbed while in a deep sleep. The diaper changes are easy - I keep a stack of prefolds on the bed and I just remove the wet diaper (he wears the sumo belt at night) and replace it with a dry one without even lifting him up. I barely wake up, and he sleeps soundly through the whole process.

We do have an EC challenge right around the corner - we're heading to New York for a family wedding in a little over a week. Do any of you veteran EC'ers have any advice on what works while traveling?