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cake excuse

new emmeline

I'm not sure which came first, the cake or the apron. I've had both in my head for quite a while now, knowing that a big photo shoot was in order for the occasion. And a cake eating session. Oh, was it good. I'm salivating in remembrance.

The photo shoot, the new Emmeline Apron model, and the cake are all a part of a big website refurbishing project in preparation for the release of the book. I'm so excited about it - but I'll have to wait until the visions in my head make their way into HTML format. At least now, after the few days of photo shoots with my brother-in-law and his sweet and oh-so-photogenic girlfriend, I have a concrete taste of what's to come.

But man, photo shoots take a lot out of you when you have a little baby in tow! As soon as my beautiful models left, Patrick took a two hour nap and I picked up my knitting needles for a bit of quiet time, trying to remember that, as hot as it is now, in only a few short months my little babe will most certainly need some of these.

Back to the clickety-clack of the needles, if sleep doesn't overtake me first.