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mama indulgence :: slow stitches

alabama stitch book skirt

It's been one of those days.

I could tell you about the ruptured washing machine hose and the subsequent flooding of the entire basement. I could tell you about running out of ink while printing postage for the patterns to be shipped, or perhaps the baby who is having a bum day. But then I'd have to mention that things like this only seem to happen when my loving husband is out of town.

Instead, I should mention that Finn's Mima is here, enjoying every single moment, fussy and angelic, with her grandson. Mima, Mama and Finn get to sleep in the same bed tonight because the bed in the basement guest room is soaked. Plus, there's a wonderfully nice plumber down there right now who is vacuuming up all the water.

And, I got word that the most wonderful felt forest is on its way.

Did I mention that, despite everything (and, perhaps, because of it) I'm going to prioritize a few "slow breating" projects for the rest of the day? This one is the hand-sewn jersey skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book.

Breathe in, breathe out ... here's to a different weekend than I had envisioned!