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giving up and going out

i give up

So much for wearing a handmade dress to the wedding. I had such high hopes for the Kimono Dress from Weekend Sewing, but it appears that I've been defeated. 2-0, Kimono Dress in the lead. First, the elastic thread. My swatches worked, but I couldn't get the waistband to gather for the life of me. Second, the S/M is WAY too big. I could figure this out, but I just don't have the time before leaving for New York. Oh well. Perhaps a rematch when I return? The dress has so much potential for nursing mama.

Do wish us luck on our way out the door. I'm a bit nervous about the whole trip, truth be told. I wouldn't miss it for the world, though. My dear friend from high school is marrying Patrick's cousin. They met five years ago at our wedding, and we couldn't be happier for them. Let's just hope that Finn shares our sentiments! Being homebodies, we really haven't been out and about that much with the babe. Aside from a few dinner dates at friends' homes, a few destination hikes, and the obligatory doctor's appointments, Finn stays at home. Patrick does all the errands and we are grateful to be able to slow down and avoid car trips. Thankfully, the flight is short and sweet. The good news? Finn has discovered his agency in the world ... he's grabbing at objects, moving them around, and sometimes putting them into his mouth! Woohoo! How exciting! I'm sure he'll be content to hang out and grab at things for a good part of the trip. A whole new world has just opened up to him.

See you back here in this space in a week with tales of travel, adventure, love, and good times!