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no boundary line

travels with the babe

Never leave home without a baby carrier. Seriously. I think that the Moby Wrap stole the show, not Finn. Patrick's preferred mode of baby-toting got him lots of funny comments from family members, such as:

"What is that, toilet paper?" "Nice fashion statement." "I'm tired, can I get in there?" "Is there a baby somewhere in there?" and "Cool body turban."

This is the same family that insists on having certain members do stand up comedy at virtually every family gathering. Same jokes? Hmmm ... I'll let other family members weigh in on that question!

playing pool with baby

But yes, the Moby rocked. So did Finn. He really dealt with everything quite well, and was up for anything as long as he could snuggle up with Daddy when he'd had enough.

with great grandpa

He met his great grandpa.

with micah and jess

He met the gorgeous bride and the dapper groom.

with auntie liz and tim

He met his Auntie Liz, and then ...


...it was time for the Moby again.

three of us at reception