beach blanket to go from handmade home
finn's forest

what we've been up to

reading a book

Reading lots of books. Finn's favorites, which elicit squeals of joy and abundant limb flailing:

Mama's Milk/Mama Me Alimenta

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

On the Day You Were Born

grasping a ring

Grasping his ring toy while making laughably loud grunting noises. His wooden grasping toy is from Pink House Handworks, and we've hung it above his changing area from a plant hanger.

drinking elefant milk

Drinking elephant milk. Seriously now. Who knew I was capable of producing pure cream, even butter, for my child? Three and a half months and he already weighs 16 pounds! This is one happy, pudgy baby.

I've been very busy behind the scenes this week, which will probably continue into next week. Very exciting stuff - book stuff, three-new-patterns-coming-out-soon stuff, and new website stuff. Oh, and second book stuff. Already! As long as I don't think of all the "stuff" all at once, I admit that I'm having a good time doing it all. Baby coos and smiles do help keep everything in perspective.

I should have something to show you for all this work in just a few short weeks!