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Some of you must think I'm a clean freak. Yes, I have a somewhat tidy house, and yes, I like planning ahead. My own mom is a housekeeper extraordinaire, and my grandma has the cleanest house in the entire world, but the clean genes have gotten seriously diluted by my generation, I tell you. There's not much left to pass on to Finn. While having a clean house is a priority for me, other things are not. For example:

  • daily showers.
  • folding laundry and ironing.
  • keeping my front yard presentable.
  • having a clean car.

Motherhood has left me looking rather greasy and wrinkly, but one thing it's made me more on top of is cooking. For a while there we were struggling with the "What are we having for dinner?" question bomb at the end of each day. Eeek. Pasta? Again?? I dunno.

meal calendar

Between the two of us, we do love cooking and baking - on our own terms. Which meant that sometimes we cooked and sometimes we didn't. When one or the other of us was busy, cooking was the first luxury to cross off the list, after the shower. (Eeew, you're thinking, these people are gross.) Not cooking is a real bummer, however, especially if you're like us and enjoy eating good food.

Enter our meal calendar. After having my mom visit several times and whip up some quick, gourmet meals, I was inspired. In order for a recipe to get a spot on the seasonal meal calendar, it had to be a bit fancy yet deceivingly simple, and quick to make. As in "Gosh, I can do this while tending to a potentially fussy baby over a span of 30 minutes and still feel like I'm eating really, really well." 

meal calendar

The calendar is flexible - we cook five days a week and eat leftovers for lunch. This gives us the option of using the other two days to go out to eat or to cook an extravagant meal, something that we enjoy doing when we have no pressing deadlines.

I wrote up the calendar, doodled on it in an unintentional amoeba-from-the-sixties way, and laminated it for the front of the fridge. I've been at this for several weeks now, and wow, what a difference it's made in the quality of our lives. Grocery shopping happens once a week, less money is being spent due to the planning, and we feel better. Healthier. More relaxed. All that because of this psychedelic meal plan.