dancing break

it's that time of year

mama, there's a tree in the house

Finn and I are both shocked that there is actually a tree in the house. Finn is simply surprised that there is a tree in the house. I'm surprised that we found the window of opportunity to go get the tree and bring it inside. For us, that window appeared on Thanksgiving Day morning, and it was wonderful. Perhaps we can continue that tradition, as long as we aren't hosting the meal. The recipes, you're wondering? Both the cranberry chutney and the fruit nut balls (SO much better than they sound) are from Molly Wizenberg's A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table - a real keeper of a cookbook/novel. You should try her banana ginger chocolate chip bread. I salivated just writing that.

But back to the point. We're busy - really busy. It's the end of Patrick's grad school semester, and he is writing three 20-30 page papers in the span of two weeks. Crazy, I know. This means that I have put all of my "work" on the back burner while full-time parenting and trying to run a business mostly by my lonesome. For those of you who always marvel at how I do it all, well, here's your answer. I only get things done because I work half-time while my wonderful husband cares for Finn. 

So things will be quiet around here for a little while. I'll stop by, here and there, when I have a moment, but consider this the calm before the book-is-out storm (publishing date is in just ONE week!) I've written several posts in my head while nursing, but only this one has found it's way into typed words. In Times of Crazy, I just try to remind myself that one person can only do what one person can do, and if that means I have to order take out from the Indian food restaurant down the street and eat it on the floor it while entertaining a baby with a camera bag and simultaneously packing and shipping off sewing patterns, then so be it. Bring it on, December, bring it on!