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helping hands to Haiti

Patrick spent a summer in Haiti in college. He wrote this post on behalf of both of us.

As you know if you have seen any news reports, Haiti has been hit with a devastating earthquake, made so much more devastating by the inadequate infrastructure that is the result of political and economic oppression. The majority of Haitians are extremely poor, fighting to bring themselves and their families through each day in "normal" times. A disaster like this, in addition to the unbearably high number of immediate victims, threatens survivors with disease and starvation.

Here are some ideas for helping:

Please give as much as you can. We are donating to Partners in Health, the organization founded by Paul Farmer, which has a long track record providing medical services in Haiti. Doctors Without Borders also does amazing work there.

Governments are the most capable of providing large sums of money. Please consider contacting the staff of your Congressional representative and senators and urging them to give generously. The Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121. Readers not in the United States can contact your own governments.

If you want to do more and live in the US, you can ask the government to stop deporting Haitians to Haiti while the devastation continues there.

Haiti is a wonderful country with a proud history. It was the second independent nation in the Americas, forged by a revolution of slaves in 1802. Enormous popular movements continue to struggle for democracy and improved living conditions, but face opposition. Haitians deserve to live better than this.

Thanks for caring and for doing something!