where mima and papa live
sweet pod

who I met at mima and papa's house

hamming it up with mima and papa

Let's see ... my Mima and Papa were there, of course. And Daddy. That dude's always around. Mama was there, too, with that big black thing protruding from her face.

gram and abuelito

I met my very, very great grandparents, Gram and Abuelito, and got to go to their house a few times, where I also met my great aunt and my great uncle and my Mama's cousins. My great uncle is the one who makes ridiculously goofy faces to get me to smile at that black thing that protrudes from my Mama's face.

cousins - photo by auntie m.

photo by Auntie M.

I met my cousins, who kissed me ...

cousin love

photo by Auntie M.

... and fed me.


... and played with me.


They are the most entertaining little people I have ever met.

I met my three uncles, two aunts, and two big boy cousins, too. That's a lot of people to meet in one week, which can get pretty confusing. Ask my cousin H. She's still trying to figure it out, too.

Cousin H. to my Daddy: "Are you my Dad's Dad?"

Daddy: "No, your Daddy is older than I am."

Cousin H.: "Oh. Are you my Mom's mom?"

Daddy: "Uhh. Nope. I'm your uncle." 

Families are fun, but confusing.