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sweet pea pilot cap pattern and tutorial

a conversation


Beautiful photo by Chelsea

This past week, Chelsea, of lady I swear by all flowers, gifted me several hours of looking inward. Moments of reflection are sparse in this house, as we go from working like mad to living-in-the-moment with the babe, nary a minute to just sit and let the mind wander. The reason for this gift? Chelsea's thoughtful questions, which she crafted after digging through my past words in this space - words that I had forgotten. Words from me before Me was Mama. 

Here's our conversation.

Thank you, Chelsea, for hosting the last stop of the book's blog tour. It was truly a pleasure.

Please, please head over to Chelsea's home and leave her some words of kindness and Mama-strength. She just gave birth to her second baby, and her first darling son is only 14 months old! You'll probably be sucked in to her blog as I have been - her writing is exquisite and thought-provoking, as is her photography.

Check back here Monday for a surprise! Hints ... boy, pilot, tutorial.