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envelope shirt and pilot cap for the boy

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205_5

Have you heard that February is Celebrate the Boy month? I danced a little jig when I found out what Dana and Rae were up to. Boy clothes. Boy toys. Boy accessories. Oh boy!

Dana kicked off the month with her tutorial for making an envelope shirt, which she calls the 90-minute shirt. Mine took longer because I got into a fight with my serger. We broke up. I'm now exclusively dating my normal machine, just to make the serger jealous. Humph.

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205_1

So back to the shirt. Love it. I want to make a trillion-bajillion more, but you see, I have a book manuscript deadline approaching in two weeks, so I have to settle with just one for right now. I made mine with organic cotton jersey and 1x1 rib knit, both from NearSea Naturals. Dana actually suggests making the shirt with a recycled men's XL shirt. I think that's a great idea, but I have to go to the thrift store to make it happen. Have you seen my husband? Not an extra-large fellow. He might actually wear the same size as Finn.

So I added ribbing to the bottom of the shirt as well to give it a nice, finished look, since I didn't have an existing t-shirt hem with which to work.

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205_2

"But what's that on his head?" you're asking. And I know you're asking, because that's about the most frequent question I get from you hat-loving readers: "Where did you get Finn's knit pilot cap?" To which I normally reply, "Hanna Andersson." 

But in this case, that would be a lie. This hat? I made it. On a regular ol' sewing machine. It is sized to fit newborns to six year-olds (and beyond? I'll work on that). The pattern? For you, in book #2.

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205

I will probably call it the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap, because that's one of the 13,753 nicknames we have for Finn. I really wanted to call it the String-Of-Expletives Cap, because that's what was going on in my head when I was figuring out how to make the darn thing. Three days and nights of puzzling, trying one thing and then another, ripping seams, and throwing fabric on the floor, grown-up tantrum style. But here it is! While it's probably the most hair-pulling thing I have designed, it's actually quite easy to sew up once you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205_4

Now I want to make up many, many more (and next time I'll finish the chin straps - I was just too lazy to do so for this cap). I'd say it's a 60 minute cap, if not less. On your regular machine! No floppy seam allowances! No icky sewing-with-knits stretching frustrations! I'm so excited about this one. I'm off to write the pattern now ...

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205_1

Unless, of course, I get sidetracked by this baby and gobble up his fat cheeks instead.

the 90 minute shirt and pilot cap20100205