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Dapper Day Bag

Photo and bag by Karla

I get pretty giddy when I see a picture of something someone has made from my book. It's what I wrote it for, after all - so you could create your own designs from those ideas I had floating around in my head. Karla's Dapper Day Bag is particularly stunning. I can't tell if the main fabric is brown or plum in the photo, but man, I want it! I also love that the bag doesn't have an appliqued element - it highlights the piping so well. Which brings up something I wanted to mention: all of the project samples in the book sport some little bit of applique, but all of them (with the exception of the clock) can be made without the applique, with wonderful results. Here's another example of a project sans applique, a bohemian woman's Blossom Blouse made with a vintage duvet cover, via Harmony and Rosie:


Photo and blouse by Harmony and Rosie

A word about the child's Blossom Blouse. Since the blouse isn't modeled on a child in the book (it's on a hanger) and since it says that the blouse shown is a size Medium (4-5), I thought I'd show you a pic of that very same, size "Medium" shirt on a two year-old.


I think this is an oops. When making the shirt, keep in mind that the Medium was made to be a size 2-3, which would make the Large a 4-5 and the Extra Large a 6-6x. Better to err on the big side and have something that your little one can grown into than to have a shirt that's too short!

(And can I just say that I lOVE the above photo? It was taken in my last week of living in Mexico, as a June thunderstorm was approaching. The model was the little sister of one of my students, and we had so much fun running around the field for this shoot. Sweet memories.)

There is one little correction for the book: the notches were left off the bodice piece of the Teacup Corset Apron. You can print out the corrected piece on Interweave's site here, or you could just add them in by hand following the instructions here. (Any future errata will be posted to the Flickr group, too - although let's hope that's it!)

Now to business. Giveaway business! I have a stack of fabric and supplies on my studio table - everything you need to make your own Little Chef Hat and Apron set! The apron is sized to fit 2-5 year-olds and 6-8 year-olds. It's a design that I perfected on my students in Mexico - it's quite easy for the little ones to put it on and take it off all by themselves, as the Velcro straps overlap in the front.


The fabric that I have on hand is a Japanese print with German words that I saw one day (purchased) and haven't seen since! The accent fabric is a chocolate brown linen.

little chef apron book project giveaway

Also included is lightweight fusible interfacing, coordinating thread, and Velcro ... and a copy of the book, of course!

little chef apron book project giveaway

Leave a comment to enter - I'll draw a winner on Sunday evening, February 7th. Good luck!