the perfect match
whisked away

bustin' out all over


... in front of us,


to the right,


and to the left.


There's evidence of playing in the street well past 6 o'clock,


and many fancy blooms, which decorate our walk.


Spring is all along the street,


and even on my feet. (New sandal band-aid and all!)

Thank you so much for your patience as I poke my head into this blog only once in a while as the manuscript deadline approaches. Sewing projects are oozing from my ears, people. I have them all over the studio floor. Today I'm going to focus on some major Spring cleaning and organizing in my studio, in preparation for the final push. 

I can tell that the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching, as my mind is starting to wander to the "what can I do once the manuscript is done" world of possibilities. Soon, very soon, I'll be back in this space talking about all sorts of things - natural playscapes in the backyard is on the top of the list. Then there's all the sewing for fun (and sharing the results), plus some new tutorials and book reviews.

Perhaps I'll even take my first day off since who-knows-when to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. Rumor has it that Patrick has something up his sleeve ... (and if he didn't before, maybe he will after reading this! ;)

I'm working with the studio windows open today, enjoying the chirping of the birds and the gentle, warm sunlight that stretches across the floor around ten in the morning.