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my problem is that i don't wear lipstick when i sew


Or the fear that someone will knock on my door and see me in my pajamas! At least the dishes are clean. I should be able to get a few straight seams sewed with the dishes clean. Right? And, may I ask ... since when was making the bed an urgent housekeeping chore? I'm sure the Singer Sewing Manual for 2010 has been updated for the times, saying something like: "Be sure that there isn't any food stuck to your sewing machine from last night's snack. While you're at it, make sure that you're cutting with your fabric shears, not your kitchen shears. It's okay to sew in pajamas, but it would be funny if you put on some bright red lipstick along with your pj's. That way, if the UPS man delivers a package of fabric to your door, he'll think you're crazy, and everyone will have a good laugh."

Now, If only I owned lipstick ...