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***The giveaway is now closed. The random number generator chose "berries*", who will receive some organic goodness for her little one, due in a few weeks! Congratulations!***


I'm very pleased to welcome back LuSa Organics as a blog sponsor. Rachel makes some mighty fine products. Her Booty Balm is magical - if ever a rash-like somethingrather appears on Finn, I just slather this stuff on him and it's gone within the day! Read on to learn more about LuSa, and leave a comment to enter to win your choice of Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice or 4 bars of LuSa Organic's Naked Soap. In addition, Rachel is also offering $10 off your purchase of $40 or more when you enter the coupon code "Sew Liberated" at checkout (expires April 24 - I'll be stocking up on Booty Balm for new baby gifts!) The winner will be announced on Monday, April 5.

*Also, if you are, or have been, a baby-wearer, Rachel is collecting uplifting stories about the baby-wearing experience as a way to counter the fear-mongering stories all over the media that have been cropping up lately (I was unaware of this until a man working downtown asked me, while I was wearing Finn, "Aren't those things supposed to be really dangerous?" I just smiled and kindly responded, "No, it's way more risky getting in a car." Anyway, for more info and to submit your story, visit Rachel's blog.

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LüSa Organics is all about goodness.

Good ingredients. Good people. Good principles. And outstanding products.

Owned by a work-at-home mother of two, LüSa Organics handcrafts organic body care for babies, mamas, and the rest of the family. They offer an unconditional guarantee on every product. (If it isn’t the best you’ve ever used they’ll take it back.) Both the LüSa Organics mama line and baby line have been recently featured in Mothering Magazine.

Bestselling Baby Wipe Juice and Booty Balm are both cloth diaper safe and will end your babe's diaper rash woes for good. Their handmade soaps contain fair trade shea butter and are ideal for dry or sensitive skin. All products are free of synthetics and toxins like parabens, non-soap surfactants, chemical preservatives, and fragrance oils.

Owner Rachel Wolf's blog, Clean, is an inspiring place to find daily thoughts on natural family living, crafting, cooking, and parenting.

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