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first visit to the ocean

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The first birthday, the first steps, and the first trip to the ocean. Lots of firsts in this past week, I tell you! I can barely keep up. He's also started using sign language in the past few weeks- just really blossomed in his ability to communicate, which blows my mind. Our attitude toward teaching Finn sign language has been very lackadaisical. We signed to him occasionally, but more often than not I was confounded as to how to go about signing when I always had either a baby in hand or something else (probably food.) No matter, he picked up on it anyway. The day he figured out the sign for "more," he was off and gesticulating like crazy.  We use this book, and also make use of an online ASL dictionary.

His signs to date include: more, music, all done, hungry/food, water, outside, mama's milk, open, potty, book, squirrel, and I think I saw him try "bird" this morning. The amazing thing? These pretty much sum up his interests at this point in life. And really, if all we could say was "outside", "music", and "more", wouldn't we live a fantastic existence? I think so! His spoken words include cat, the occasional "mama", he woofs whenever he hears or sees a dog, and I swear I heard him say "bubble" yesterday (another favorite activity, thanks to his Mima, Bubble Blower Extraordinaire.) He's also become quite the comedian. His stand up routine currently includes faking a sneeze, much to his delight (and the delight of those around him, of course!) I wonder where he gets that funny gene:

I have this sense of the days whirling past me. Things have been busy here with family visiting and a few deadlines for some other fun projects. It's like I want to yell "stop!" and freeze things for a while, take the time to absorb all of these changes in my little boy. I love watching him master new skills and become excited by the marvelous world around him, but I think a slow week is needed. A week where we can toss out the ridiculous to-do lists in our adult heads and watch a baby become a toddler. Much more important than to-do lists, don't you think?

snuggle with mama

What is encouraging you to throw out your to-do lists this week?