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One of the many things that I love about my friend Amanda is her ingenuity when it comes to creating cozy traditions for her family. Traditions that are simple, ever-so-practical, and good for the earth. In Handmade Home, she shares a bit about her family's Healing Basket, and I knew I would be putting one of our own together sometime in the future.

healing basket 3

At first, I was all gung-ho about it; I even found the perfect old picnic basket for less than a dollar this past Winter. Then, like so many of my projects, it just ended up collecting dust bunnies under the dresser. (I'm SO good at starting projects. NOT so good at finishing them in a timely manner. I have one half-knitted sock that's been waiting patiently for me for me to finish it for over five years. I know. I'm pretty bad.)

healing basket 2

Nothing like necessity to give you a swift kick in the posterior! With one boy running a fever, both of my boys tossing their cookies, and a few bumps and bruises to boot, I finally started to put together our Healing Basket.

Now, mine barely resembles Amanda's version, mostly because it's currently for mama, not for the little guy - it's more of a first-aid kit than a basket of comforts. I'm trying to amass my own stash of mama-remedies in case of need - to have everything that could be useful in one place. In the future, I'd love to have a separate basket for Finn and his future siblings with a book of meditations for children, a bit of "Magic Spray" (essentially water with some lavender and calendula essential oils), and other comforting measures that can be called upon when a little one feels yucky. Here's what's currently in our basket:

healing basket 1

I'm still in the process of stocking up. What are your some of your couldn't-do-without items in your family first aid kit/healing basket?

Here's to a healthy weekend!