our healing basket
and she asks herself, "can you do the can-can?"

strawberry fields

strawberry fields 1

A few days back, we headed out to a local farm for some U-pick strawberry fun with friends. Friends with a cute two year-old, who happens to be wearing a mama-knit vest. The only way you can possibly make a two year-old any cuter is by plopping a mama-knit vest on her, and then setting her loose in a field of strawberries. The result? Squooshy mud between-the-toes and berry-stained fingers. And load of strawberries.

self serve strawberries

strawberry basket

strawberry fingers

Our bounty has already been made into two types of jam and a syrup for pancakes. As I write this, the deep red jars are cooling on the kitchen counter - my first attempt at preserving the harvest. More on that experience tomorrow!