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i give up, & some exciting news

monkey give up

Finn, doing his best impression of his mother.

I had every intention of having an adorable, finished knitting project to photograph for this post. I cast on for it a few weeks back, all vim and vigor. It's almost done. It's super tiny, so I have no excuses.

Well, I do have one. It's a little excuse. The kind of excuse that makes one very tired and queasy, but also very happy.

We're pregnant! Finn's little brother or sister will join us in mid- to late-February. They will be 21 months apart, which makes me both nervous and excited, considering they will be so close. I've started doing some research in those rare moments that I don't feel mildly icky. (You can see the new books I'm reading in the left side bar.)

So now you know why things have been a little on the quiet side around here. I'm operating in low gear, trying to get through the essential parenting and work activities of each day while still being mindful of my body and its new needs. My morning sickness isn't debilitating by any means - I have it pretty good compared to many women - but I still need to slow down. I'll be back in this place only from time to time until I feel my energy return in a few more weeks.

Hey, at least I am doing something creative, even if it has nothing to do with yarn, knitting needles, or a sewing machine. Making a human is plenty of work, after all!