{this moment}
i give up, & some exciting news

to the river

the wind-up

Sometimes, when the nap was too short, the thermometer too hot, and even when it's the last thing an exhausted mama thinks she wants to do ...

finding treasures

... the best thing to do is to pack up a few essentials and go to the river. 

Even when you can feel the sticky blanket of a southern summer resting over the trees, just being able to wiggle your toes in the run-off from last night's thunderstorm is enough to turn up the corners of your mouth.

looking for the challenge

And for the little one, there's always something to explore. Ants, water skippers, a swimming dog, pebbles, and a perfect challenge in the form of a muddy bank.

a gift

What a gift this river gave us yesterday.

The boy even had a good snooze on the car ride home.