first painting
handmades for a newborn

i made something! (amidst chaos)

Okay, so I know I promised you a pattern preview on Monday. Monday ended up being crazy, as was Sunday and Saturday and Friday. You see, we discovered that the summer-in-the-South-humidity was being soaked up by all of those cardboard boxes that contain my pattern pieces and we had to move the entire Sew Liberated stock from the garage into my basement. Which means, of course, that I spent the entire weekend with a basement that looked like it threw up all over the place. Um. That wasn't the prettiest sentence I've ever composed. But I can't think of any other way to describe it. So I spent the weekend cleaning up the basement's tossed cookies. Did I mention that I'm not quite in the nesting phase yet? It wasn't as exhilarating as my future, more pregnant self will imagine. At least it's done! And we're having a yard sale with some friends towards the end of September. Nothing like a good purge! (Okay, enough with the throw-up talk. On to cute babies and sewing. Thank you for letting me vent.)

open open open

So. Cuteness. These baby pants? LOVE them. They're Rae's awesome new design, and they're specifically designed with the cloth-diapered baby in mind. They fit Finn like a charm. I did size up due to his poofy Mother-Ease diapers. He's actually quite average-sized in weight and height, but you add that diaper and a wool soaker, and the boy gains a lot in circumference!

walking the rails

The clever rear panel and optional cuff bands make for a great opportunity to mix-and-match fabric. For these pants, I used a hemp-twill blend in two different neutral colors, thinking that they would serve as a great pair of dress-up pants for a wedding we're attending in a few weeks. I've cut out two more pairs - a gray striped linen with gray dot accents, and a white linen with black stripes.

walking the rails 2

AND ... you actually ARE getting a new pattern sneak-peek! That little cap he's wearing? Yep. In sizes 6 months - 8 years. We're not fully ready to do an official announcement and put it up for pre-sale yet (see above excuse) but it's off for it's second round of testing now! Soon, mamas of boys, very, very soon!

room for bending The end!