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Where to begin? Three weeks is such a long time in Blogland, but such a short time in motherhood. It seems like I was just here, jotting down some thoughts. I turned my back for what seemed like a second, and it's been nearly a month! Anyways ... I'm back, and finally feeling pretty good. I'm still tired, but I wonder if that's due to the pregnancy or simply mothering a toddler. I'm guessing a bit of both.

But we do have a bit of catching up to do now, don't we? Here's a quick recap of the last few weeks:

  • Patrick went to Mexico for a week to attend the wedding of our good friends. Finn and I were planning to go, but ended up staying at home because I just didn't feel well enough to travel. It was fun, though, to hear about everyone through Patrick, and I'm also loving this video that they recently released that's all about the Montessori school where I taught. It's in Spanish, but you can get a great sense of the school just by watching. 
  • Of course, Patrick's absence meant that I was solo-parenting Finn while not feeling too hot myself. Finn was really delightful, but at the end of it, I was wiped out.
  • My dear husband returned home from Mexico not feeling too hot himself. Finn was like, "What? Daddy's here, but he's a super-boring Daddy who only eats broth and who doesn't chase me around like a wild animal."  Mama was equally dismayed.
  • Mima and Papa came to visit. I didn't have to clean or cook or lift a finger because my parents are so helpful.
  • I designed a new pattern, which will be unveiled in a week! We're putting the finishing touches on it right now.

There you go. It wasn't a particularly glamorous blogging vacation, but I do feel fortunate to be starting my second trimester with a hardy stomach, a bit more energy, lots of ideas, and an itching to get back into some creative endeavors.

See you soon!