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the tub o' beans



Or, how to be a lazy, yet effective mother of a toddler. When all you want to do is sit on your posterior and lounge while watching your toddler happily engrossed in play, get one of those under-the-bed storage bins (with a top that latches closed - more on this later) and head to Costco for a large bag of beans. Pour in the beans, situate the tub on top of some towels, put in some scoops, and sit back. Relax. Don't worry about the beans all over the floor. (Put the tub on the porch or outside.) The bean clean-up fairy will arrive later, with his magic broom wand and his "I'm-the-Daddy-and-I'm-not-physically pregnant-energy".



Aside from a pile of children's books beside you on the couch, the bean tub is a must for the pregnant mother of a toddler. I actually got the idea from my brilliant neighbor, who has a mondo bean tub for her girls. Who doesn't love slipping their hands into a barrel of beans? It's a sensorial experience par excellence.

Surprisingly, most of the beans didn't end up flung around the floor. Finn spends a good deal of time in the tub simply burying his feet, or picking up one kidney bean at a time and placing it in a small container. Pincer grip practice (the Montessorian in me quivers with excitement!)


I do have a few caveats to pass on, though. First, make sure your little one is past the putting-everything-in-the-mouth phase. Finn got over that a while ago, and it's opened up a whole new frontier as far as activities are concerned. Next, make sure you can COVER your bean tub. If not, you might have a lovable yet small-brained cat who will consider the tub to be a sort of luxury litter box. Harumph. Back to Costco for more beans.


a getaway


the wait is over



bubble walk

wilmington, nc

river boats

wind blowing through the hair

pregnant belly #2, 16+ weeks

The beach! We finally got away for a much-needed twenty four hours of relaxation this weekend. The last two weeks have been stressful, as Patrick has started the semester with a bang. In other words, he's had to solidify and write up his dissertation research plan in all of two weeks. This means that I have had no time to work, as he's been working from the wee small hours of the morning until after I go to sleep. But we figured that it's good in the long run ... and plus, we'd planned this little trip to Wilmington to visit his aunt and uncle as a little celebration of a deadline met. Nothing like a carrot hanging in front of you, right?

We were set to leave on Saturday morning. Patrick had been working all day on Friday, trying to get this document written and submitted before we left. Then he called me. The file had been corrupted and he'd lost all of his work. He showed up at the house looking like he'd just found out that he'd lost a loved one! Poor guy. And what did this Superman do? He went to bed at 8 p.m., woke up at 2 a.m., and poured out all of those words again. By 10 a.m., he was done, and we were out the door.

Yay, beach! And yay for my brillant, loving, and hard-working partner in life. I don't know how he does half of the things he does. He just blows my socks off.

And now, it's back to life as usual. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Oh, and did you notice that mini-baby-bump in the last picture? Week 17. I went to see the midwife today, and she predicts a well-behaved girl. I predict a human baby. Being no clairvoyant myself, and not particularly liking being wrong, I stick to sound predictions only. ;)

handmades for a newborn

for my cousin's baby boy

My cousin is having a little boy in a few weeks - her first - and I knew some special handmades were in order. (When are they not?) Being an Autumn baby, he'll be wearing plenty of hats to keep him warm. If you're going to wear hats, I say, why not make them the cutest hats ever? And these are. I should call them Finn's hits.

finn's pixie hat

Because really, friends, if you want to have strangers come up and compliment you on something you've made by hand and tell you how cute your baby is, dress your baby in a Stella Pixie hat. I never ever get oohed and aahed over when I wear a scarf I knitted or even a sweater - they just look like piles of organized yarn plopped on my not-as-cute-as-a-baby body. But the Stella Pixie on a baby? My my.

Sigh. So tiny he was (yet so chubby) just nine months ago.

mini stella pixie

I made the Stella Pixie out of the yarn I had leftover from making Finn's version. This one, however, is sized down. Finn's will still fit him this winter, and he has a rather large noggin. Take a peek at other people's ravelry notes for their suggestions on how to size it down - I'm not going to recommend anything until I know how it fits on a newborn's head. All I have here is a gargantuan toddler head with which to measure. And Finn's doll - neither of which did the trick.

sweet pea pilot cap on doll

The blue striped hat is a Sweet Pea Pilot Cap - a free tutorial for you in my side bar. It's the newborn size. My hope is that it fits the little fellow for his trip home from the hospital.

leaf elephants. clever.

We wrapped it up in some pretty paper and added a very clever elephants-made-from-leaves card, which we found at our local fair trade store.

Notice my choice of pronouns for the previous sentence? I did not wrap alone. I had a very industrious little helper, who apparently prefers to work in silence.

don't you remember how fun this was when you were a kid?

Nothing like scotch tape to keep a toddler busy, and a mama laughing!