the tub o' beans

random list of things that make me say "cool."

escargot? Non, Renault 4

Photo by carlmonus

  • Kyrie, always on the vanguard of all that's cool 'round the net, turned me on to Tumblr. Here's my page. I'm using it to compile inspirational images that I come across - it's kind of like a virtual inspirational board. Prior to finding Tumblr, I would bemoan the fact that I couldn't rip out pages from my computer like I can with real magazines. Problem solved.
  • Speaking of Kyrie, she's doing a series on snacks that's worth taking a peek at.
  • I'm on Twitter now. I don't imagine that I'll be updating that often much, as I don't have one of those fancy smarty-pants phones (Mine is quite dumb, actually. I don't even know how to send a text message. I blame it on the dumbness of my phone.) That, plus I try not to be on my computer when I'm with Finn. This is a "while he sleeps" type of gig, and we'll see how it goes.
  • Did you see that my favorite online mags have published their Autumn editions? Rhythm of the Home and Petite Purls are not to be missed.
  • I added a "Search Sew Liberated" feature in my left side bar. This should help you (and me) find a particular post that you remember. It searches all the archives, starting in January 2007. Has it been that long? I'm coming up on four years of blogging!
  • Jo has started a great online resource for Montessori families - The Montessori Goldmine gathers all of the posts about Montessori and lists them for you in one convenient spot. Thanks, Jo!

I'm off to clean my studio. I can't move in here without stepping on fabric!