summer requiem

the huck finn cap sewing pattern

huck finn cap sewing pattern front

Available now at my shop!

Can I tell you how much more fun pattern packing, stuffing envelopes, and website updating are when you just want to smooch the little fellow donning the cap? I apologize in advance for any smooch marks on your patterns. Double sorry if it looks like your pattern has been pinched, nibbled, and hugged to smitherines by the time it arrives at your doorstep.

The Huck Finn Cap is on sale now in my shop! My most favorite pattern to date, and one that is sure to be a hit with your little guy (or gal!) It's comfy. It fits great. It's stinking adorable. It's look is versitile: mini-GQ, mini-newsie, mini-golfer, and, my favorite ... mini-English professor. Just add a bowtie.

huck finn cap gray hat

The gray hat and photos of it are by my lovely tester and mama of four boys, Jessica, who tells me that her son put on the hat and began an improptu poetry reading for his siblings. Bigger brother immediately went through mom's fabric stash to pick out fabric for his own hat!

huck finn cap front view

The Huck Finn Cap sews up in a flash, and comes in a large size range: 6 months - 10 years (although I can wear the largest size, so don't be deterred by age limits.) I'm planning on making up a few wintery caps for Finn, with both everyday wear and family holiday photos in mind. It would be the perfect project for Kids Clothes Week Challenge, going on right now. 

huck finn cap back view

Here you can see the comfortable elasticated back, which makes for a snug fit and helps to keep the hat on bouncy boys.

Hats off to my other wonderful tester, Ms. Rae of Made by Rae fame! My testers really did a fantastic job of bringing this pattern to the next level of user-friendliness. I think you'll be surprised to find that sewing up a hat really isn't difficult at all!

huck finn cap inside view

And here's the inside view - the contrasting lining can really give the hat some kid appeal. Let your little one choose the lining fabric (I know just the fabric Finn will choose for his next hat.) The rest of the world won't even know that it's a car/bus/frog/dog hat. Unless, of course, your child is three years old, in which case the whole world will be told that it is a car/bus/frog/dog hat!

huck finn cap pattern back

And finally, here's what you need to get you ready to sew. Just add a cute kid!