books for toddlers
weekending in the mountains

love list

dogwood in autumn

A list of unrelated things that bring me joy ...

:: the dogwood tree that's dressed for a party in my front yard.

:: Maya's newspaper garlands.

:: this winter abode for insects.

goblin eggs

:: these goblin eggs from the farmer's market.

:: fabric pens, and the possibilities for holiday gifts made by a certain toddler.

on his way to the park

:: this pouty look, and the ever-awesome stella pixie hat.

:: the acorn cap pattern.

:: this book, in particular this project and this project. I'm totally dreaming in motorized vehicles made from fabric, for Little Mr. Vroom Vroom's Solstice gift.

:: Finn would faint from happiness if he got his hands on one of these.

We're off to the mountains for the weekend, and I'm bringing yarn and needles. Hiking, wood burning stoves, vibrant leaves, and knitting? Yes.