to market, to market

the cat in the hat

the cat in the hat

Well, at least one of the mammals that lives in this house has a Halloween costume. Bishop, anyone? He is known to pontificate loudly when we do something sinful like *gasp* change his brand of food on him.

newborn cubba hat

Actually it's a newborn Cubba hat, from the Wee Woolly Toppers pattern book. Somehow, row by row, I managed to finish this in the past two weeks - Lachlan's first hand-knit. You can see it on an actual baby here - it looks slightly less bishop-ish. Funnily enough, it looks cat-ish!

I used Sublime Organic Merino Wool dk in Asparagus - it's a very fuzzy, luxuriously soft yarn, perfect for newborns. It was a quick knit, if you don't factor in the time it took me to frog the whole top part once because I couldn't properly count to 64, and it took me, oh, twenty or so rows to figure that out.

info packets for quilt market

So yes, I've been spacey. We've all be moving through the days like whirling dervishes, getting ready for Quilt Market in Houston this weekend - our first time. We won't have a booth (goodness, I can't imagine the amount of money and time you would need to put something like that together!) We'll just be milling around, getting a sense of the place, and peddling our wares to owners of fabric stores.

I've been writing copy, laying out promotional packets, slapping business cards on magnets, and cutting, collating, and sewing pages together in an attempt to put together something professional-looking yet fun, minus the hefty price tag of having an actual professional do it.

putting together packets for quilt market 2

As I've been doing all of this, it appears that the actual Cat in the Hat arrived at our house, making it an absolute mess with his mischief, and littering the kitchen with take-out containers while he was at it. So, needless to say, there has been no costume-making going on behind the scenes. Halloween will have to wait until next year, when Quilt Market will likely be held on a different weekend.

putting together packets for quilt market

Finn won't even notice. My mom will meet us in Houston to provide toddler entertainment while Patrick and I hobnob with the big sewing stars.

See you back here on Monday to welcome November with a big sigh of relief. I can't wait to let loose on the holiday crafting around here! Big plans, my friends, big plans.

Happy Halloweening to the rest of you! Eat some peanut butter cups for me, will you? They're my favorite.