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a toddler backpack - bag of tricks for airplane travel

eh-pane fuhfuh

I can think of several alternate titles for this post:

"Pregnant mother travelling alone with toddler "lap child" with little room on her lap makes a bag of tricks to assure that she and said toddler arrive at destination without disolving into a puddle of frustrated tears"

... oh shucks, that one's too long, just like our cross-country flight on Monday.

"eh-pane Fuhfuh"

... oh shucks, you wouldn't understand that one without a translation. That's what Finn calls his backpack. Translation: Airplane Finny.

Finn is really looking forward to our trip out to California on Monday. He will repeatedly tell you several things about it. First, we'll be riding on an airplane. "Fly!" he says. Then, he'll say something about Mima and Papa's red car. Good. We'll keep it at that, then. If you were to ask me about our upcoming trip, I would also use simple words like "sit," "uncomfortable," "no space," "no Patrick," "wiggly boy," and "same airplane, eight hours, no escape."

Not one to complain, though, (hah!) I thought that I should just make the most of it. For me, that meant sewing something cute and filling it with never-before-seen items of interest to keep both of our attitudes positive during the long journey.

toddler backpack

toddler backpack - back

Pattern: Made by Rae's Toddler Backpack

Fabric: scrap of cushiony faux leather perfect for the aviator look, plaid wool, and knit interlock for airplane applique, all from stash.

Modifications: Added the airplane applique that I drew myself (I think it looks like the belly of a sea lion, buy hey, I did it with an 18 month-old on my lap, who wanted to help me draw, too.) Hand-drew his name applique as well.

Impressions: Oh, I liked this pattern a lot. It came together in an afternoon with Finn at my feet (or on my lap) during the entire process. The results are super cute, too. I would have made the straps a tad shorter to accommodate his little bod a bit better, but it will do. He'll grow into it very soon.

And here's what's inside - a collection of thingamajigs only to be seen on airplane rides.

animals for the airplane ride

Tiny cheepo plastic animals.

repositionable stickers for airplane ride

Re-positionable stickers and card stock.

mini slinky and music box for airplane ride

A mini-slinky and a mini wind-it-yourself music box.

new books for airplane ride

A handful of new books: Harry the Dirty Dog, Freight Train , Winter Wonderland, and A Tree For All Seasons. Not pictured is Usborne's 1001 Things to Spot in the Town.

I'm also throwing in our beeswax crayons and a bit of play dough.

I'll supplement all of this non-edible fun with lots of fun edibles. I'm hoping to score an organic lollipop or two, along with some yummy muffins, and crackers. Maybe he'd like some string cheese! He's never had that before. Of course, there are the old favorites that take a while to eat, too: steamed carrots and apple slices, raisins, and hard-boiled eggs.

Bag of tricks, please don't fail me. Off we go!