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and he looks like his big brother ...

little lachlan, 25 weeks

We spent most of yesterday afternoon at the hospital between the fetal cardiologist and the ultrasound folks. What we got was good news - Lachlan still has HLHS (drat) but he is growing so well, and does not appear to have any other issues other than that faulty left ventricle of his. For the second time, the sonographer mentioned how beautiful his brain looked. We also learned that his particular heart physiology makes him a good candidate for the surgeries.

And ... we got a good look at his little face, which looks so much like Finn's. Last time, he had his arms and umbilical cord covering his face as he slept, but this time, we got to see him exploring his cord with his hands and practicing nursing movements with his mouth!

little lachlan, 25 weeks

Check out that tongue!

little lachlan, 25 weeks

It's good to put a face to all of those kicks.

A few unrelated, but important, mentions:

  • Anie, of Sweetbug Farm, has generously offered to host this year's Holiday Traditions Exchange. Pop on over to her blog to sign up, and read about her own experience with last year's exchange here. Thank you so much, Anie!
  • I've updated the rug sneak peek post with some more info on how I'm going about the process. Sorry for being so brief and mysterious yesterday!