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red coat ornament 2

I've had coat sewing on the brain. A coat for myself, a coat for Finn, and a coat for the tree. Check the last one off the list, thanks to Alicia's ornament kit. I know. Is it not the most adorable ornament you've ever seen? Alicia's been publishing these ornament kits for the past three years, and she has them up for sale in her shop now. They're so cheery; I have plans to make many more from the collection for our tree this year. We'll see. I have a lot of plans, of various sorts. I always do. I always finish less than half of what I set out to accomplish. Oh well. At least I'm admitting that this year.

red coat ornament 1

As you may have gathered from past posts, we're in the midst of some challenging times in our family. And in the spirit of keeping things rolling smoothly and as stress-free as possible this holiday season, I need to step back from hosting the holiday traditions exchange. While it is such a fulfilling thing to do, it also requires a lot of work to organize. Right now my energy is needed in other areas. Perhaps in the future I'll host again, but for now, I encourage those who might be interested in hosting similar exchanges to pipe up and leave a message in the comments. I'll eventually amend this post to include a list of other blogs who are hosting exchanges.

red coat ornament 3

Other news ...

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  • I'm totally putting on the Christmas music on this cloudy, cold day. 
  • And drinking hot chocolate.