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on the way out the door

on the way out the door

on the way out the door 2

an all-made-by-mama hodgepodge outfit

You see? He's wearing a giraffe. He wanted to show you. "Aff shur," says the boy. "Giraffe shirt."

He loves his Aff Shur. It must stem from the big impression the animals made on him a while back, as well as the continued interest in one of his favorite books .

I never blogged about making the Aff Shur; perhaps that's because I lost it in a pile of fabric just days after sewing it. I rediscovered it recently in a nesting-induced studio organizational spree (right before I decided to clean underneath the bed, crazy pregnant lady that I am.) It's a simple pattern from Ottobre's Spring 2010 magazine - the same one I used to make this shirt. I used the giraffe applique from Ottobre's Winter 2009 edition.

With play and pasta sauce, this little white giraffe will eventually sport plenty of realistic splotches. That will probably take about two wears, would be my guess. The boy loves his sauce.