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Please welcome Imagine Childhood (one of my favorite toy stores!) for the first giveaway this weekend!  Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win your choice of either a weaving loom + yarn + handmade fairy OR knitting needles + yarn + knitting tower + handmade fairy. Comments will close on Tuesday evening, December 14th. Good luck! Comments are now CLOSED.

Congratulations to Cary!

Read on to learn more about Imagine Childhood.


Meg: What is the vision behind Imagine Childhood, and how did it get started?

Sarah: As a family we have been selling children’s goods in one way or another for the past 20 years, including a storefront in Denver Colorado that we ran for many of them. But, the real start of Imagine Childhood as you see it today happened around 4 years ago.

It had been a number of years since the shop closed and often we found ourselves drifting into discussions about the importance of good, quality gifts for kids.  This of course, easily segued into “when I was a kid” conversations about each of our favorite toys and memories from childhood. 

After a while we realized that there was a recurring theme.   All of our fondest memories, whether from growing up in the 50s or thirty years later in the 80s, were of time spent exploring and imagining... of believing in the power of a stick, a piece of string, a sunny afternoon and a good sense of adventure.

That's why we started, a place where we could share stories, toys and activities that encourage a kid to be a kid... to get out in nature and explore... to dream... to imagine.


Meg: Your blog is such a source of inspiration for families wishing to get back in touch with Nature. Can you share few favorite posts with Sew Liberated readers?



Thanks so much, Sarah! Please leave a comment to enter the drawing to win the weaving loom kit or knitting kit from Imagine Childhood.