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Still waiting for my camera cord, friends. Not like I could have taken any pictures of the boys' "studio" on a gloomy day like today, anyway, but I assure you that I'm not just sitting here with nothing to do while looking out the window longingly for the mailman.

I have writing on my mind today. (Hence the pictures above from my time teaching in a Montessori classroom in Mexico.) A proof of my second book, all laid out and looking pretty, arrives tonight. I have a few days to go over it and suggest any last-minute edits. I'll tell you more about it soon ... the publication date is sometime in May, 2011.

Once again, I find myself birthing a human baby and a book baby in the same year. Human birthing is arguably easier. By the time the book comes out, it's been a long time since you've actually labored over it intensely - but man, book laboring can last for months. I'll take a two-day baby labor, please. (Although I do have high expectations for Lachlan's birth. They say your body just knows what to do after the first. Good.)

Me to my body: Body, I expect a four-hour labor. Thanks.

Body to me: Could I have another cookie, please? Or perhaps some chocolate?

Me to my body: Are you even listening to me? Sheesh.

Well, then. Enough with the book baby analogy. I though I'd share with you some inspiring, writing-related things:

- Of course you saw that Amanda's third book will be out in August and is available now for pre-order! So excited.

- Mariah of the utterly inspiring blog Playful Learning just announced that she will be writing a book. Can't wait to get my hands on that one - I really resonate with her educational philosophy.

- Jean of The Artful Parent is also going to write a book! Oh my goodness, people - we'll have a veritable library of thoughtful parenting/homeschooling books come 2013!

- I can't wait to get my hands on this book about nurturing writing in young children. Check out The Artful Parent for a great interview with the author.

Write on.

Oh. I forgot to mention this in my last post, but we've decided to stay at Duke for Lachlan's surgeries! Whoopee! (My, my. I never thought I'd say "whoopee" in reference to heart surgery. Things have changed.) While we loved Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the program here at Duke has the same survival statistics, plus you can almost see our house from the windows in the pediatic cardiology ICU. Staying home will be so much easier on all of us, particularly Finn, who won't have to leave his familiar surroundings and routine. My parents will be coming out to stay with us for as long as they are needed, primarily to care for Finn. We are so grateful to be able to stay home near all of our friends, who have been so generous in their support through all of this. Things are starting to fall into place. I might even be able to say that we have a certain peace about the whole thing, depending on our state of mind. The planning stage is coming to a close, and soon we begin to count the days until we welcome Lachlan into our family.