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the circle of giving and receiving

in which i grumble

39 weeks 4

39 weeks pregnant with Finn

I had planned a post on generosity and gratitude - a little show-and-tell of human thoughtfulness that we have experienced since Lachlan's diagnosis.

(For example - your book recommendations? Awesome. Thanks so much! The comments on that post will serve as a reference for me for years to come!)

But then Finn got a fever. And it's difficult to keep his grumpiness from becoming my own. I find myself wondering if I'm even capable of doing this - I mean, having one sick baby for a few days is nothing compared to having a sick baby every day. Perhaps Lachlan will have a different temperment than Finn. Because, man, when Finn is sick he lets the whole world know, and the half-cry doesn't stop unless he falls asleep, poor little guy. (The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree here. Ask Patrick - he used to make fun of me for my moaning and groaning. He claims that I've gotten better in the nearly ten (!) years we've known each other.) The only thing Finn seems to want right now is to nurse and listen to his daddy tell him the same two stories over and over again - The Train Story and The Airplane Story - both of which feature a little boy named Finn as the enthusiastic protagonist.

Just a small pothole in the road of life, really. I'm 37 weeks today, so let's just hope Lachlan stays put for a while longer. The list isn't completed, and I just might be forced to add "Everyone gets sick" then "Everyone gets better." Hand washing is all fine and good, but when your toddler gives no warning that he's about to sneeze in your face, well ... hand washing seems hardly worth the effort!

On the up side, I'm really looking forward to my Calm Birth class which starts this weekend. I'm hoping that a regular meditation practice will help me immensely in the next few weeks and beyond.

I'm also having a lot of fun choosing fabrics for the pattern kits that I'll soon be offering in my shop. I'm not sure which is more therapeutic: focusing on my breath or looking at fabrics. Probably a bit of both, for someone like me.

Anyway, I hope to be back tomorrow with a healthy toddler, some photo-friendly sunshine, and a post about all of this handmade goodness that has shown up on my doorstep as of late!