mobiles make me happy
welcoming lachlan

still waiting

baby surprise in progress

and knitting.

waiting for baby

Nothing much happening in the way of physical signs of Lachlan's arrival, but we're keeping busy otherwise. My parents are now in town. I've had some knitting time (as you can see). We're doing projects around the house. Tying up loose ends. And yesterday, Patrick, Finn and I went for a two mile hike.

waiting for baby 2

The weather is gorgeous, and it has me thinking of planting season. It's something else, isn't it? The perpetual optimism of the human condition. There's always something to anticipate with joy.

So now we wait, anticipating with both joy and trepidation the arrival of our second son. Knowing that the future will bring with it cycles of Winter and Spring, good times and difficult times, sadness and happiness.

lachlan belly 39 weeks 4 days

We saw some wild daffodils blooming on our hike yesterday. I took that as a good sign.

lachlan's pixie hat

Your pixie hat is ready for you, Lachlan. Come on out so you can try it on.