welcoming lachlan

a night of hope


From the Sew Liberated daddy:

We were overwhelmed by your warm wishes for Lachlan. What a lucky boy to receive so young so many warm wishes, prayers, and positive energy. The support of this community, from all over the world and from many people otherwise unknown to us, truly helps us get through the difficult moments. I think it is a sign of human support and empathy more generally for those going through tough times, and I hope that all of you who are going down a similarly thorny path can see this as a sign that you do not walk alone.

Lachlan is doing remarkably well after his surgery, which ended about 12 hours ago. This was a risky surgery and he will assuredly have some ups and downs over the next several days, but his strong showing so far suggests that his surgery was a success. I am sitting with him overnight in the ICU, touching him and alternately singing and playing some wonderful relaxing music provided by our friend Josh. He has many new tubes and machines, including a respirator, which should gradually be taken away over the next several days. It has been a night full of hope.