a night of hope


From the Sew Liberated daddy:

We have been learning a whole new language since we arrived in the ICU with little Lachlan. Like most professions - including my own - the medical profession has a jargon which is quite daunting at first but which, like all jargons including slangs (remember learning those cool words as a teenager?), confers a sense of belonging to a community once you can use and understand it.

The word of the day is "extubated," and what a beautiful word it is! It means that the invasive respirator tube has been removed from Lachlan's throat - and he is breathing pretty much on his own. (He has just a little oxygen to help him along, which is completely normal for someone recovering from his surgery.) At the same time, the nurses and doctors took out a whole bunch of other lines and tubes, including the tube that had been draining fluid from his chest.

Even better news - the absence of those tubes means that we can hold, cuddle, snuggle, enfold, and otherwise embrace him. (If there is medical slang for this activity, I have yet to discover it.) I had hoped to share pictures of him in our arms, but the camera is at home and the photos not yet downloaded. So stay tuned for that.

Lachlan is progressing really rapidly. He has been moved to the less acute area of the ICU (slang for "intensive care unit"). The next step will be to move out of the ICU to a private medical room - where there is a bed for parents to sleep. We are also working on getting him to take a bottle, and ultimately to breastfeed again. For now, he is getting that good, early breastmilk through a tube.

Thanks for everything. We've been digging your totally awesome support.