two weeks old


skin-to-skin for the first time since surgery

This will be quick, because I'm heading in to be with little Lachlan for the night (until Patrick takes over at 1:30 am.) More good news ...

... I'm heading in to BREASTFEED! Forget the bottle stuff for the first go - I'll put him directly to the breast first in hopes that he remembers that glorious twenty-minute nursing session right after he was born! Lachlan had his vocal chords checked today, and everything is working fine. Paralysis of the left vocal chord is common in HLHS babies because the nerve has to be stretched out of the way during surgery. The result can be difficulty with swallowing. But he's fine!

AND ... he is no longer on any heart meds and is doing fabulously. More tubes and wires were removed today, and his supplemental oxygen will be removed soon, too. They're talking about moving us out of the ICU to a room of our own (with a bed for parents to sleep in, thank goodness!) All of his doctors are amazed at his progress. They prepared us for a 4-6 week hospital stay after surgery, but it looks like we might be going home much sooner, if all continues to go well. We're so humbled by the fortitude of this little fellow, and so grateful for the skills of the medical team here at Duke.

Honestly, we're just downright elated.

Again, we have a huge debt of gratitude for your prayers and well-wishes. Thank you!