still waiting
a night of hope

welcoming lachlan

Lachlan's First Gaze

Hello Lachlan Anderson, contemplative one, born naturally and beautifully after twelve hours of labor on Sunday night, February 27th! He weighed in at 9 pounds even - the more rolls the merrier!

Bonding with Lachlan

Lachlan was able to nurse for about twenty minutes before they took him away to start the IV drip that will keep his heart pumping well until surgery. It was glorious for all involved.


He's such a mellow little fellow, and enjoys being wrapped snugly in a blanket. His other early interests are his left hand, pumped colostrum, sleeping, the Nikki McClure prints in his crib, and sucking on a pacifier since the doctors won't let him go to the breast. Any sucking practice is necessary for babies with HLHS, so maybe he won't be able wear Finn's favorite shirt as a hand-me-down, which states "I will NOT be pacified!" in a cute, anarchist way.

Other than his heart, he is perfect.


Lachlan's surgery will happen tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and will likely take the six hours or so. Please, please, send your healing thoughts his way. This is a little babe who has already changed the world, as we've witnessed in Duke's new "Heart for Bonding Initiative," which changes the perinatal protocol for babies born with congenital heart defects. May he live a long, full life and be able to make his mark even deeper.

These next few days are going to be a roller coaster. I'll try to update you about his progress as I find the time and energy.

Love to you all.