six-ish weeks

I made something!

baby surprise

baby surprise close up

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles ... I actually finished a crafting project!

Such sky-high hopes I had of knitting up a storm while we were with Lachlan in the hospital. As it turns out, I had better things to do, like hold a baby and stroke his head when I couldn't hold him. Now, I don't know about you, but I cannot knit with one hand.

While this tiny baby surprise jacket sat curled up in its basket, not getting any bigger, the baby for whom it was originally intended kept on getting bigger and bigger. Why do babies insist on doing that so darn quickly? Deep down in my knitting heart, I knew that the jacket wouldn't be for Lachlan. But I kept knitting here and there. And, low and behold, once I cast off, seamed it up, added buttons, and tried in on the boy, he was bursting out of it in all of his fat-roll splendor.

No worries. Knitting is like that. (Especially when you knit slowly like me.) There's alwasy another cute baby that will come along who will be smaller.

Lesson learned. Knitters procrastinate. Babies don't.

This particular jacket found the perfect home with my dear friend's newborn daughter, who weighed in at 6.5 pounds.


Chubster up there needs something else. Something bigger for this Autumn. Maybe if I start now it will actually get done by the time the weather cools down. If I want to be really realistic, I should plan on knitting something for Finn this Fall. That way, by the time I finish it two years down the road, it will be a perfect fit for Lachlan. Yes, that's what I'll do.

Baby Surprise Jacket in Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Knit with Malabrigo Sock in Primavera and Tosh Sock in Twig.

Buttons here.