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at the river 1

at the river 4

at the river 2

at the river 3

at the river 5"Let's go to the river." 

All it takes are those words, coming out of one of our mouths, and we get happy. In the back seat, little arms pretend like they're throwing rocks and twigs into the water, accompanied by delighted hoots and hollers. The walk to the little "beach" is long - not as measured by an adult stride, but as measured by the quantity of small objects a toddler can pick up along the way, attempting to throw them into the current.

I thought, briefly, about having a "Throwing-things-into-the-river" themed birthday party for Finn, who will be turning two shortly. Really, what do two year-olds love more than throwing objects into water? Perhaps their mamas. Mamas get extra love-points if they throw things into the water alongside their babes.

I think we'll opt for a laid-back strawberry picking outing instead. After the picking, though, we'll likely end up right back here, next to this river.

It brings out the best in all of us.