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The Durham farmer's market was Finn's first outing as a wee babe, and it counts among Lachlan's firsts as well. Getting out and walking from booth to booth, dodging spinning children who can't resist moving to the live music, and enjoying my favorite buttermilk donut ... all of these things do a mama good. There's something so normal, so lively, yet so soothing about being at an open-air market.

We're settling in to our new normal around here. Certain truths are making themselves apparent. I now know for certain that when parents outnumber their offspring, anything is possible. Once the score is even-stephen, the likelihood of getting anywhere on time drops by half. If you add the fact that your baby needs to be hooked up to a tube and a feed pump for 45 minutes every three hours, and you factor in the toddler who is interested in all the feed pump buttons, well ... the likelihood that one parent will ever be able to manage both children on her own and get out of the house in one piece drops exponentially.

One day, I'll be able to manage. Oh yes. As I recall, things always seem impossible at first.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the help of the grandparents! Here's to finding a new normal, and knowing that, one day, what now seems impossible will be old hat.