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like the waves

want da to carry you

He did it. I did it. Finn spent his first long weekend away from me, and his first one-on-one weekend with his Daddy. While they traveled to the beach to attend a family wedding, I stayed home with Lachlan. And thought about Finn. And missed him.

It was super quiet around here, with no sing-song voice in the background. But you know what? It was a wonderful weekend, because (for the first time) I got to spend one-on-one time with Lachlan. Much of the time was spent gazing into his sparkly eyes, chatting "a-goo" baby-style, and doing luxurious things like reading books together and knitting. It made me realize just how different an experience a first child has as compared to subsequent siblings. Not necessarily better, just different. Busier, louder, and more love to go around. Still, its lovely to have one-on-one time with each child.

Waves coming in, waves going out - my two boys, only two years apart, are in such different places in their young lives. One needs to be close to Mama, the other is ready to take on the world (with his Daddy close beside him.) Soon they'll both be galavanting on the beach, nary a glance back at their old mom.

More on that knitting tomorrow ...