put on the kettle
preferred outing of the season


lachlan's curls

:: this little curl.

in the air

:: this collection of milk bottles on my front step, a sign to all the world that I can't do it all.

in the air 2

:: these sandals, unpacked from the "summer clothes" box.

concert on the lawn 3

:: this pizza - butternut squash, goat cheese, sage, and veggie apple & sage sausage.

concert on the lawn

:: this concert on the lawn, remembering that we were here two years ago.

floating candles

:: these local beeswax floating candles, a nice way to "collect" my family at the end of a day at the dinner table.

As I empty my camera card every few days, I'm always grateful for what I find. Little tidbits of our days, seemingly insignificant, yet which together form the pulse of our lives.