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two years old

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Yesterday, we spent the day honoring Finn. For two years ago, on Mother's Day, I held him in my arms for the very first time. That day, we knew he liked to eat. Since then, we've delighted in learning so much more about this little boy - a boy who is, at once, a focused observer and a stand-up comedian. This intense yet joy-filled boy of mine - I love him so.


:: Birthday ring from Nova Natural.

:: Birthday crown made by my dear sister-in-law, who I believe used the instructions in Amanda's book.

:: Spinning Rainbow here.

:: On the Day You Were Born - the perfect birthday tradition.

:: Mama, Is It Summer Yet? - the perfect book for a May baby.

:: Yes, we went strawberry picking for his birthday and met up with a few friends. Very relaxing, very fun. And yes, he brought his caterpillar along. Can't leave home without it.

:: No, he didn't get anything handmade-by-mama for his birthday. I really believe I must embrace the concept of creativity beyond simply making things. At this time in my life, with so many things on my plate and a new baby with a feeding pump to boot, I must be kind to myself and be content with knowing that my son sees me living creatively every day, even if it means that I don't make a lot of tangible goods with my hands. I give him the gift of my creative thought as I plan our days, as I cook a meal. I use my creativity to redirect him when he feels frustrated. I use my creativity when I spontaneously burst into song or a silly dance. You needn't feel guilty for not being in the time or place in your life where you can sew/knit all sorts of things for your children. Just re-route your creativity to living, rather than making. We ALWAYS have time to live - sometimes we don't have the time to make. The making will come, though - and I am so excited to get back into it when my plate empties a bit. Right now there's ridiculously large portions on said plate, between new sewing patterns and a new book (I'm sooo glad you like it! Thanks for your kind words and warm reception!) For now, I'm just creatively muddling through!