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finn's favorite project

in the bucket

It took me by surprise, really. Of all the projects in the book, the Dress Up Bucket happens to be Finn's favorite at the moment. I didn't think to write in the project description "fits a two year-old perfectly."

He even said "Deedee, Mama, fo dis ba-bask!" (Thank you, Mama, for this basket!") That was the first heart-felt thanks I'd received for any mama-made item. I'll tuck that moment away in my memory.


Book tour update: Blair from Wise Craft is holding a giveaway for the book. Leave a comment to enter by Tuesday, June 21st.

Jennifer from JCasa*handmade (and author of the bookshelf must-have Crafting With Kids) made a Play Cape for her twins, and has some sweet things to say about Growing Up Sew Liberated.