lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee
new patterns! new website!

finn's pocket pants

finn's pocket pants 6

finn's pocket pants

finn's pocket pants 2

finn's pocket pants 4

finn's pocket pants 5

finn's pocket pants 3

 From Growing Up Sew Liberated - Basic Pocket Pants, sized for 2T-5T.

I love the details of these pants. Itch-free seams, bias-trimmed pockets, and faux cuffs that can be let down with growth. Pair them with any Heather Ross fabric and you have cute squared. 

An update in bullets:

  • The book tour starts today! First stop - Elsie Marley, of Kids Clothing Week Challenge fame. Meg made the crossover top and the sleeping johns from the book - an adorable summertime jammie set.
  • Sew Liberated is now on Facebook. I don't really know how to use it. Patrick thinks I get a kick out of being pop-culture challenged. That said, I did figure out how to upload a bunch of pictures of my three new patterns, which will be available for pre-orders (hopefully) tomorrow!
  • Did you know that I have no clue how to send a text from my phone? Even my mom can do that.
  • This is really the post that should have been five posts, but I condensed them all into one. 
  • That's all I have to report for now. I just heard some very exciting news, and I want to jump up and down. I'll just leave it at that.
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