surgery day
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grumpy at camp cardiac


Finn, doing his best impression of Lachlan. Or ... simply being a two year-old.

You've probably figured out by now that I don't like taking pictures of Lachlan in the hospital. I could blame it on the flourescent lights, but the truth is that I don't really want any pictures of him in here. His story is permanently written as scars across his chest, and I'm not sure that it's a story that is best told with pictures.

Anyway. Here we are. Lachlan threw us a few pulmonary curve balls the past few days, and we've been dealing with them. Two steps forward, one step back, but it seems like we're over the hump. He seems to be in much less pain, and is calm and alert for a good part of the day now. We're in the stage where they start weaning him off of his various tubes and wires. I'm looking forward to seeing him smile again. Everything will be ok. I can feel it now.

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee 3

Had to post this one again. Go get em', Lachlan!